Travel Journal


Travelling is my all time favourite thing to do. I love to talk about it, plan adventures and I’ve even got pretty good at travelling light. Living in London means that European cities are only a couple of hours away, and so I know how lucky I am that in only a few short hours I can be in the centre of a bustling city like Rome, or walking around Christmas markets in Vienna or Budapest. My challenge this year is to keep a journal of my adventures. Here are a few extracts from my trips:

Camino de Santiago : At Easter a friend and I walked part of the Camino de Santiago:

“Day 4 : Today we set off at 6:50am before the sun came up so to avoid walking in the midday sun. Our route today took us over a couple of main roads and a railway track. It was hard going as a lot of it was on tarmac. We had a couple of welcome breaks in Mos and Redondela before we reached our final stop in Arcade. As we had been walking so early we arrived at 1:30pm and checked in to our albergue, then headed for lunch down at the port. Our albergue owner only speaks Spanish, so I have been doing my best to chat to him, but he seems to think I know more Spanish than I actually do! He very helpfully told me where the shops are and how to get to the beach, and now I’m sitting in one of the communal areas drinking cheap wine and eating snacks…. Anita has now gone to have a rest so I am sitting drinking the wine alone while a German girl and two Portuguese ladies are all reading. Very much living up to the stereotype of drunken Scot!”

Tuscan Tour: My friend got married in Tuscany, so I made it in to a little tour. 

“I’m sitting outside in a square in Lucca after having eaten the tastiest lasagna. I feel like I have created the scene in Eat, Pray, Love (a film I hated) where Julia Roberts scoffs pasta. Lucca is beautiful: a walled city with lots of churches, narrow streets and beautiful architecture. I have spent the last few hours letting myself get lost in all of these streets.”

“I love trains in Europe. They are so cheap, clean and run efficiently and on time. I only wish trains in Britain could be the same.”

“What can I say about the wedding? It was like a fairytale. It was in a little town called Lamporecchio in a grand old house. The wedding was held outside, with the town mayor officiating the wedding. The reception was held on the green, where we were treated to delicious drinks and michelin star food. This was before we had the 5 course meal with accompanying tasting wines! As we ate our meal a pianist played throughout. Then as darkness fell we headed outside for some dancing with a live band and the cake was cut.”

“I’m in beautiful Florence with its grand churches. It is super hot, noisy and full of streets that look so tempting to walk down. I took the 11am free walking tour and our guide did a brilliant job of showing us the key sights and explaining the history. I’m now sitting in ‘Food Evolution’ after having the most incredible fizza. So tasty!”

‘Today is my last day in Bologna. I’ve had a fabulous time in Tuscany. The food, sights, everything has been fantastic. My flight isn’t until this evening so I am off with Alexa & Jen to do some more exploring.”