Fearless at 30

This is going to be my penultimate blog post, mainly because I am terrible at remembering to blog, and also because I am nearing the end of my 30 at 30. If you are about to turn 30, let me give you the same advice I have been giving my friends: Do not fear 30. … More Fearless at 30

Soda Bread

My desire to learn about my heritage has meant I’ve spent many hours going through historical records, slowly piecing together my family tree, and then spending lots of happy hours sharing it with my dad and the rest of the family. But to fully understand my heritage I need to do more than put my … More Soda Bread

Tuscan Tour

One of my friends decided to have a destination wedding, and she picked the perfect place: Tuscany. As it coincided with the last bank holiday weekend in May I decided to take a few days annual leave and explore Tuscany. A couple of  friends planned to do the same, and so I planned my trip … More Tuscan Tour

Sometimes she cooks

While February was all about cakes; March and April have all been about cookery.  I’m a massive foodie, so much so that I have been on two food tours this month, one in Cambridge and another in Notting Hill in London. That’s one of the things that makes London a top class city to live in, … More Sometimes she cooks

Hola España!

Happy Easter! It has been a few weeks since I last wrote, and that is because I have been super busy ticking off activities on my 30 at 30, so I have lots to update you on. I’ll start with my latest adventure. My friend Anita and I decided that for Easter we should go on a … More Hola España!

Casting on

Last Christmas a friend made the most amazing wooly leggings, and I want a pair just like them. But, I don’t want to buy them, I want to make them. But, before I can make them I need to learn how to knit. A colleague at work runs a knitting club, so I am going … More Casting on