Copywriting: [Insert catchy title here]*


I’ve mentioned previously that I love living in London as there is so many brilliant things on offer all year round, and a lot of them are free. Well, today, on a very rainy TuesdayI took advantage of one of these offers and attended a free seminar on copy writing.

I feel like having attended this seminar I should now be reviewing how I write this blog as one of the recurring comments was ‘you are writing for your audience not you’. It made me reflect on why I am writing. I like to think I’m writing it for both me and you. Me, so that I can hold myself accountable to my ’30 at 30′ challenge, and to keep an online, public journal about it. And perhaps in some way I’m writing it for you, to inspire you to challenge yourself just as I have done.

I’ll leave you with this final thought, after graduating from university I set off in to the world thinking that education was behind me and that all my education would come from ‘on the job experience’. But, since then I have found myself many times seeking training and asking to go on courses. It sounds like a cliche but education is a life long thing, and we can always learn something new. Be it from a mentor (I have one and she is amazing!), a colleague or another source – never stop learning! I feel like this year I am continually learning about myself, finding out new interests and finding enjoyment in things I would have never have believed I would have.

*2nd lesson of today: write your headline last- after you have worked out what you want to say in the body of the text…


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