Sometimes she cooks

While February was all about cakes; March and April have all been about cookery.  I’m a massive foodie, so much so that I have been on two food tours this month, one in Cambridge and another in Notting Hill in London. That’s one of the things that makes London a top class city to live in, it is a melting pot of culture, and with that culture comes some incredible dishes.

Despite being a foodie I am still learning how to cook. My Vietnamese cookery class was great fun, and I’ve since made some of the food that I made in the class. Inspired by this class, I decided to go on another class, this time it was sushi making. Sushi is one of those foods that I’ll go to if I need food on the go and I’m not in the mood for a sandwich or salad.  For 2 hours we were taught how to prepare our rice, line up our seaweed and fill it with our favourite ingredients and how to roll it. The class went by really quickly and at the end of it my friend and I both had a full tray with different types of sushi.

Since then I have tried to make a few meals and snacks from scratch. My favourite so far has been a goats cheese and spinach quiche, with the pastry being a Mary Berry recipe. As the summer comes round I’m hoping to try a few salads for picnics.

Let me know what your favourite recipes are, and any that you recommend.




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