I’m on my way…

There is one thing that I can never resist, and that is when someone suggests going on a holiday. I will travel anywhere that there is something of historical value or a cultural site. I’m not a big fan of beach or pool holidays, a day or two is great, but that’s about all I can manage.

A friend suggested that we walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela at Easter. I did this a few years ago, but I enjoyed it so much that I agreed to go on another route. For those not familiar with the Camino, it is a route, well routes, that starts in France and ends in the North-West of Spain in Santiago de Compostela. Each year thousands of pilgrims walk these routes, guided by little sign posts marked with a yellow shell. You stay in albergues (hostels), with fellow pilgrims. Along each leg of the journey you get a little booklet stamped, which tracks your progress. People do it for many reasons, some it is a true pilgrimage, for others it is a chance to see some of Spain’s beautiful countryside and enjoy the outdoors.

This provides me with a great opportunity to achieve 2 things – to practice my Spanish, and to also keep a travel journal. I won’t have a lot of access to the internet while I’m on the Camino, but I will keep a paper journal, and update you all once I am back.

To any of my fellow pilgrims walking this route at Easter, I wish you Buen Camino.




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