Casting on

Last Christmas a friend made the most amazing wooly leggings, and I want a pair just like them. But, I don’t want to buy them, I want to make them. But, before I can make them I need to learn how to knit. A colleague at work runs a knitting club, so I am going to make the most of one of my lunch breaks and go along to this, and get some tips.

Learning to knit

I’m hoping that by October, when I will be digging out my winter wears, that I will be the proud owner of a pair of knitted leggings. I’m going to start small, learning to make a scarf and perhaps some socks, and I hope that I will be able to learn in spring and summer so that come winter I will be able to knit, and will have made myself some leggings.

I purchased some wool and a set of wooden knitting needles, but didn’t have a clue how to start. Thankfully, Youtube provided me with a good starting point, as I found this great video, which gave me my first introduction in to the world of knitting.

Watch this space and see how my scarf, socks and leggings progress…


2 thoughts on “Casting on

  1. Good luck. My first real knitting project is a blanket for my baby, luckily not due for many months yet; my mum’s been a godsend, fixing all my oopses, but they’ve become much less frequent as time’s gone on


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