Cutting out the coffee

I love the taste of coffee, especially when there is a piece of chocolate to go with it! I love a cup of tea too, be it earl grey, mint, green, jasmine or ginger. But, I decided to cut it out as much of it as possible as I was drinking up to 4 cups of coffee a day. Since the start of the year I have slowly reduced my caffeine intake, and now I only drink green or mint tea. I know there is still caffeine in green tea, but it is far less than black tea or coffee. Since giving up coffee I have been sleeping so much better. As I am no longer buzzing on caffeine I sleep soundly as soon as my head hits the pillow, and I wake up before my alarm in the morning! Unheard of for me!  I cannot believe the difference it has made. I’m also drinking way more water because of this.

Before cutting out coffee I was really struggling to fit in time to meditate in the morning, and finding this to be my toughest challenge. I would hit snooze so many times that I often had to make a choice between meditation or breakfast, but since cutting out the coffee I have been able to do both. It means that when I go in to work in the morning I am not rushed as I have had a bit quiet time to set myself up for the day. It also means that I am getting in to work a bit earlier in the morning, which means I can leave earlier too.

If you are like me and love a lie in and coffee is your kick start fuel, then I challenge you to cut it out too, and hopefully you will feel the benefits that I have.



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