Vietnamese Street Food

I had an incredible time in Vietnam last year and loved all the flavoursome dishes I tried. This is why I decided that for my cookery challenge it should be to make a Vietnamese dish.  I thought for this challenge I needed some expert advise and so I booked myself on to a Vietnamese street food cookery class. I arrived at the class, donned an apron and accepted the glass of prosecco offered to me.

The chef started by explaining how to make pho stock. Pho is a Vietnamese soup which contains beef, chicken or fish and is one of my favourite dishes from Vietnam. Pho stock takes at least a day to prepare, which is why we didn’t make that, we did however make the rest of the pho. She then taught us how to make Vietnamese pork meatballs, and showing us techniques in cutting vegetables (chef style) and how to test if the meat is ready. As I had gone to this class alone I was paired with a Canadian guy, and so it was a really fun experience as we chatted about our favourite foods and backgrounds while we chopped. Once we had the pork meatballs and nuoc cham dipping sauce made we moved on to the prawn summer rolls. The chef explained everything really well and so it was easy to follow the steps, even if we did perhaps slightly overfill our summer rolls…

Once all the food was made all that was left to do was to sit down with a glass of wine and tuck in. The food tasted great, as there was so many incredible flavours going on, all that was missing was the humid Vietnamese weather. We were emailed all the recipes after the class, so I will most definitely be making these again!



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