Wonder Woman

Today at work, to celebrate international women’s day a colleague organised a lunchtime card making session, for us to make cards for the women in our lives who inspire us. I chose to make a card* for my wonderful mentor, Susie. When I started my new job in January I asked my boss if I could have a mentor as I had one in a previous job and found it to be a brilliant way to learn new skills.  7 weeks in to my new role, Susie has been a great support in teaching me about marketing techniques and best practices.


When I was making the card I had to explain why I had stuck a picture of Wonder Woman with my mentor’s head on it. The reason for this is in one of my mentoring sessions last month we talked about confidence and the importance of power poses. One of the poses was to stand like wonder woman. We then tried them out in an open plan meeting area. It was a great exercise to do, as it forces you to stand up tall. I think on the whole I am quite confident, but it is a great technique to remember to do whenever I feel like I need to improve my body language.

Check out this great talk on power poses by Amy Cuddy and try one yourself.

*This is challenge 21: snail mail. This card #3 of the 12 cards I will be sending over the next year.


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