Recipes from my mum

This will be my last blog about cakes, as I have lots more challenges to accomplish over this year. But for now, I wanted to update you about my latest creations.

When I listed bake a cake on my ’30 at 30′ I thought it would take me several attempts before I could master even the simplest of recipes. What I have found has been quite the opposite. I’ve actually found it really therapeutic, and a nice way to spend an hour after work, or a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday.  I am now the proud owner of: a rolling pin, several cake tins and a cake mixer. I am still using wine glasses as dough cutters…I will get round to buying dough cutters soon.

After my first attempt at baking went well I got a little bit more confident, and wanted to try other childhood favourites. I asked my mum to email me some of her recipes. My mum is a wonderful baker and sat patiently on the other end of the phone talking me through some of her tried and tested tips as I prepared to make these cakes. It is true – sifting the flour really does make a cake taste lighter!

In only 6 short weeks I have gone on to make: a Victoria sponge cake, empire biscuits, banana bread, chocolate Guinness cake, lemon drizzle cake, brack (tea bread), scones and meringues. I even made gin & tonic cakes, complete with piped butter icing!

Now that I have unlocked this love for baking, what’s next? I’m going to make myself a book with all these recipes as I plan to continue baking over the year ahead. It has been great to be able to chat to my mum about my new hobby, and next time that I am back at my parents house my mum and I are going to bake together. I’m looking forward to this, and also to being able to bake for birthdays, celebrations and when I am visiting friends, rather than just buying a cake. If you haven’t tried your hand at baking, go for it, I’m sure you will end up loving it just like I have.






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