Thoughts on turning 30

I’m looking forward to turning 30 tomorrow. I know that for some people turning 30 is a scary moment when they wonder if they have achieved all that they should, or look at things that they have yet to achieve. But, for me, I’ve really enjoyed my mid to late 20s. I loved my university years, but it was in the years following that, that I feel I’ve grown up. I’ve had so many great opportunities, met wonderful people and got to travel. So, I look forward to even more adventures and new experiences as I hit 30.

As I turn 30 I give thanks for the fact that I have the most incredible parents,who instilled so many great things in me. My mum is an eternal optimist, who advocates the power of prayer, and a belief in positive thinking, no matter how difficult a situation may be. My dad compliments my mum beautifully. He is a man of great faith, but it is a quiet faith, that manifests itself in his love for his family and friends. He has taught me to be confident, to believe that I can do anything if I set my mind to it, and most of all to do everything with passion, putting all my energies in to it.

I’ve already received so many cards and gifts, with beautiful messages, which reminds me just how blessed I am. So as I turn 30 and plan my adventures, this is my promise: that I never forget how blessed I am. That I continue to try to be a good friend, daughter, sister and neighbour. To appreciate the good, enjoy all the little things in life, and just like my parents have done all their lives, to look to share what I have with others.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on turning 30

  1. Happy 30th Birthday! Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies! I wish I could have been as positive as you when I turned 30. I think family and life situations shape the people we become and influence how we deal with milestones.


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