My goodness, my Guinness

It is mine and my housemate’s birthday this weekend! As it is my 30th I’ve got 3 days of celebrations planned. I’m excited to celebrate my birthday with great friends and good food.

And no birthday is complete without cake! For our birthday cake I wanted to make something special, so decided to make a chocolate guinness cake. This recipe involves making it in a large pan on the stove, before putting it in the oven. I used a straightforward recipe that says is serves 8, in reality it could serve 18! I think it is the guinness that makes it a rich, moist cake. The topping is a tasty, calorific combination of double cream, cream cheese and icing sugar. Delicious!

20170201_200332 Now that I’ve made a few cakes, I feel it is time to impart some learned wisdom. Here are my top tips for those, like me, who want to learn to make a cake:

Step 1: put all the ingredients on the counter, make your kitchen look as messy as possible and get flour everywhere as you begin to weigh out the ingredients. Realise that you don’t have any bicarbonate of soda, make a quick dash to the corner shop.

Step 2: Back from the corner shop, resume weighing out ingredients and get your phone covered in flour and butter. Continue to make your kitchen even messier by using lots of different spoons and bowls.

Step 3: Put the cake in the oven for 40 minutes, take it out and leave it to cool, don’t forgot to and allow the chocolatey smell to drift through the house.

Step 4 : Quite possibly the best bit in the cake making process: making the topping. Mix the icing sugar, double cream and cream cheese together in one bowl. Obligatory tasting at this point. Once the cake is completely cool, drizzle the topping over the cake.

Step 4: The kitchen has been cleaned (thank goodness for dish washers), so at this point all that is left to do is to put the kettle on and get stuck in to the cake!




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