As January draws to a close


I’m a huge believer that as each January roles round we are given a fresh start, a blank page to work with, and it is up to us to decide what we want to achieve for that year. This is why when 2017 came to greet us I welcomed it with open arms, ready for all the adventures ahead. Half-way through January I started my new job and while I go through those first awkward weeks where I walk around not having a clue what I am doing, it is nice to have my ’30 at 30′ to focus on.

When I decided to take on the R.E.D January challenge I pictured myself running through muddy puddles after work in the dark and cold. Not a pleasant or pretty sight. But, in fact, what actually happened was the opposite. I started doing things like getting off the tube early so that I could walk part of the way to my destination, or saying yes to joining friends going to exercise or sports classes. This R.E.D January I have walked, jogged, taken zumba classes, stretch classes (think lots of planks and sit ups!) and played netball. There was a couple of days where I didn’t manage to walk or go to an exercise class so on these days I made sure to do 50 squats. I feel that January has only been a warm up and I’m looking forward to continuing to try new sports in 2017.





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