Ticket for 1


As there is a couple of great films out this month I’m going to be going to the cinema a lot in the next few weeks. For my first solo trip to the cinema I decided that I would watch ‘Jackie’.  It is a brilliant film, where Natalie Portman took her acting to new heights.  From the moment the film started until the very end I was completely lost in it. Portman made me feel like I was walking with Mrs Kennedy through her grief, her confusion and anger in the days following her husband’s assassination. This is a must see film!

I thought that going to the cinema alone wouldn’t be that fun as there would be no-one to discuss the film with after, or to whisper “that looks good” at the trailers. But, I really enjoyed the experience, and walking out the cinema I was able to get lost in my own thoughts about the film. When I next find myself with a free, rainy day I will definitely take another solo trip to the cinema.


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