Piece of cake


It is a very wet and cold day in London today. The type of day where you want to curl up on the sofa and watch movies, also a perfect day for baking, which is why I decided to tackle number 11 on my list: to try my hand at baking.

My mum has forever spoilt us with fabulous baking including: scones, fairy cakes, lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge, chocolate cake, Irish brack and empire biscuits, to name some of my favourites. My first baking challenge is to make fairy cakes and empire biscuits.

My house is like any shared house, we have a mixture of kitchen appliances and gadgets, but as none of us are bakers one of the things we lack is basic baking equipment. I established that we had a few things, but not a rolling pin or a fairy cake tray. After scouring the shops I managed to find all the ingredients I needed, but failed to find a rolling pin or the cake tray. We do have a cake tin, which I think is inherited from an old housemate, so I decided to make a sponge cake instead of the fairy cakes (I’ll make these another time) and also the empire biscuits, as planned.

With a playlist dominated by Debbie Harry and David Bowie to set the tone, I set to work in my very cold kitchen, weighing out my ingredients. I attempted to make the sponge cake first, the mixture came together well, and in to the oven it went. 1 down, 1 to go.

The empire biscuits were harder to make and even though I had used the exact amounts, my dough seemed a bit too sticky. Remembering my mum’s advice, I placed the dough in the fridge for a few minutes, which did the trick. With no rolling pin or dough cutters at hand, I used a gin bottle and a wine glass instead.

By the time I had cut the dough the cake was ready to come out the oven. Thankfully the cake didn’t sink and it even came out of the tin without breaking up! The empire biscuits came out 15 minutes later, they were perhaps slightly browner than they should have been, but I’m going to clock this baking session as a success!



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